At Crestar, nurturing the potential of young individuals is our business. From Art to Dance to Speech and Drama, Crestar's comprehensive range of enrichment programmes will serve to develop your child's innate abilities and prepare your child for the challenges ahead.

Dance and Music
    Bebe Ballet
    Classical Ballet/Jazz
    Kinder Art
    Junior Picasso
    Phonics and Reading
    English Academic Courses
    Chinese Academic Courses
    Speech and Drama
Abacus and Mental Sum
Lego Educational Programme

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Crestar Learning Centre provides a  wide range of specially designed creative and interactive enrichment programmes.

The curriculum is tailored to suit varying needs and interest, from the performing arts to language studies.

Crestar Learning Centre
believes that everyone has inborn talents whether in arts or other fields of study. Given the right stimulating environment, such talents can be discovered and nurtured. Every individual can be a star in his/her own right.

Established since 1977, Crestar's enrichment programs have seen an attendance of over 50,000 students to date. With local and international professionals developing the curriculum, Crestar Learning Centre facilitates internationally recognised qualifications to mold brighter future for your child.

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