The Yamaha Music School's approach is based on child psychology and an understanding of natural acoustic development, whereby children are taught to acquire an appreciation of music in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on the development of creativity and self-expression. Children also learn a pragmatic approach to music, while attaining a certain level of self-expression through music.

Little Notes
Music Wonderland
Yamaha Junior Course
Children Electrone Course
Classical Individual Piano

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Music is a way of expression, and it's one of the way which kids are able to relate to easily.

This is especially so in the initial years of a child's development.

Yamaha courses provides a progressive path for the development of your child's interest and appreciation from the age of 3 years old.

Starting with Little Notes, catering for kids of 3 years old to learn music the fun way through movement, rhymes, games and stories.

Music Wonderland expose the child further with lyrics singing, rhythm step. They will also get to have fun on the keyboards.

Yamaha Junior Course will further develop the sense of music in your child, and lay the fundamentals for musical abilities like hearing, singing and playing.

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